⚜The End ⚜

It all started with a question between myself and you. A simple question, genuine, vivid yet true. From a soul that knows exactly what it wants to do and seeks to own. What it must obtain, to stop following the same mistakes you are repeating. A soul that firmly believes in the darkness of this materialistic and heartless universe. An old soul with an unconditional love for humanity; that is never forgotten.

I started this journey with a question and tonight I shall end it with another question?

It might witness a marvelous beginning somewhere or it might be answered silently by the one who knows best.

whispering with kindness the truest of words. healing your troubled mind and teaches it to ignore the nonsense; lies, ignorance and hypocrisy of humankind.

Reminding each one of us to remain still.

to work, pursue, believe,love and let the blessings come in.

To the end of your prisoned beginning; to the unknown the only captivation I’ve ever known; to you who are still searching for that innocent soul, to my own faith that still believes through it all. to you my one and only inspirational thought. I release these deep words; hoping to regain myself in another world.

A Journey to Self-Knowledge.

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