If only your silent screams were heard,

the panic of your soul to the cries of your mind.

The murmurs and groans, the pleads and the persistency where soiled with lies, negligence and disobedience.


The good you always employ us to do has been replaced by unjust and cruelty.

The truth you always stand for was ignored and unfaithfulness has become the order of the day.

Conscience where art thou?

We intentionally eradicated you and you were banished from our villages of life.

You left and the dust behind your foot print is suffocating us already.

Do you remember those that you left in power to rule our schools?

They dismissed you from the office and ask you to dwell elsewhere believe me when I say that office  is now hell in disguise.

They have turned schools to hell and they now treat us like animals.

Do you know that the school runs its calendar without the health Centre being available?

I could feel you breathing and asking, how is that possible?

We lost a finalist yesterday to the cold hands of death because of their unavailability.

Remember their children aren’t here,

They school in a country where education is really education.

They have finally turn “the glory of our day” into a country side school.

Conscience did you remember that this same set of people were responsible for Maria Atere’s death?

Alaran(a university of Ibadan student) death was also as a result of these same set of people.

Since you left, Justice is far from their soul, the self-ministration and self-guilt is no longer there

Conscience trust me when I say the world is at war since you left.

We seek peace that only you can return

Dear conscience please return

by Olaleye Oluwadamilola


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