On a lonely bed,she laid,
Mulling over the past.
Staring at the protruded belly,
Images of teenage lust,
Flashes speedily.
Questions of self doubt,
Clings on and on.
Walking with peers,
Seems hidy.
Natter replaces banter,
Revere turns contemn.
Seeing deceit in every bon,
Tears of denial seizes not,
What is believed to be love,
Turned lust.
As she stood from where she laid,
She saw that radiant look,
That subdues the eyes,
In the mirror,
Exquisite it remains.
The crabby face vanished,
Replaced with a sheen smile.
She remembered the strength,
That lies in her.
All things lost,
Replaced with just one,
That means the world,
She touched her belly,
Awaiting her own.


Eniola Olagoke writes

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