You can’t get what you don’t give, you can’t love others if you don’t love yourself; each time you look at yourself, you regret ever being you. The reason is simple: you don’t know the real you because people walk up to you and utter all kinds of gibberish about you. You feel weak to make a move. If you don’t make a move for yourself, you will be used to achieve success for others.
You wake up each morning and you wish you were someone else, you wish you were better, you wish so many good things for yourself that you think you can have. Darling, you can’t be better, you can be the best. These are your fulfilling steps:
Stop hating yourself, stop cursing your life and start doing things you love. You can only adore yourself when you know your worth, stop telling people your problems because 80% of them are happy you have whilst the remaining 20% don’t give a damn. Plan your move , think before you set out, write down your dreams and constantly refer to them. You are the bravest lion the world has ever witnessed. Lions don’t announce their moves, they stun people.
Keep loving yourself , keep appreciating your value and keep loving others. Let them talk.
When you are told , ‘you can’t go far’. They are right because you can go farther. When you fall, fall like a seed on a fertile land that sprouts into branches.
Positive you can only achieve positive platinum. Appreciate who you are and people will appreciate your success.


Happiness writes

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