No Sin Is Done In Isolation

“No sin is committed in isolation”. It aches my heart whenever I read the papers or browse the internet only to be informed that a young girl had been sexually violated again. I flip through the pages of my soul in search of the possible causes and solutions to this sin. Then I realised that the men are not the only guilty party.

About a decade ago, whenever I walked through the street; there was a clear distinguishing factor between a lady and a girl. Now, the story has changed. Majority of these little girls are “sexified” (erotic in appearance). The kinds of clothes that is worn by these girls call for a conference of mothers to address the dressing modes of their daughters. It is quite cumbersome to differentiate between a grown up and a growing girl. Thus, this mode of dressing evokes sexual desire in crazy men towards them.

The kind of music that were produced in the early years of the first decade of this century still promoted decency and uprightness and they were duly censored before video production. It is a different case now. Most movies and songs now preach violence and sex. Most are no longer censored. Few are only banned after the damage had been done. I saw a video recently of a girl within the age range of five to nine dancing erotically with a boy of the same age range. Let us not forget that what we see or hear shapes our horizon of thinking and acting.

The popular religions in our country is Christianity and Islam. Thus, the lives of our females should be a reflection of Mary (Mother of Jesus). Images of a Model Mother Mary are being displayed in some places of worship and I’ve never seen a Model Mother Mary wearing tight-fitted clothes and uncovering her hair. If this is the model, then what is the problem? Why do we buy clothes that encourage shamelessness for our daughters?

If what we see or hear shapes us, then why don’t we choose carefully? There are still movies and songs that preach serenity and uprightness. Search for them; listen and watch and grow with a pure heart.

The Pedophiles that engage in this act should stop because the act is a crime against humanity. “Our lives and lands are entities of purity and holiness respectively, make them better not worse”

Bolaji Abdullah writes


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