Ariyike, My lover (Episode 3)



The name that drove the male population of the village into a craze for money acquisition.
For the girl had a taste for the most exquisite things ever.

Today, she would require a full tusk of ivory from Demola, the hunter whose charms were only suited for the capture of ‘okete’ (bush rat)

Tomorrow, her sweet mouth would desire the taste of the fish that resided in the crocodile infested lake in the next village.
A taste that definitely brought an end to the lives of two gende (young men) of the village.
For they dived into the lake hoping to acquire superhuman power to fight off the crocodiles who were hungry.


Tani wo bi da ti o gbe na woju Sango.
Can anyone’s face be more redder than Sango’s when He is about to send down thunder?

Can any human born by a woman challenge Ares, the ancient Greek god whose blood is golden ichor, to a duel with knives?

Has there been any diver who can confidently dive into the ocean to kidnap Yemoja’s children?

Or can any human dare the cheetah in a race to the prey when the cheetah has not eaten for two days?
Lord knows that fellow may end up being food for the animal.

There is no need to draw the mat further across the room.

The two youths became food for the crocodiles.
As the female villagers, the next day, saw the crocodiles munching on their bones and fighting over the waist which had been torn apart.

Many men tried to get money through devious means just to woo Ariyike.

Ige went to consult the herbalist for Esu laalu.
Perhaps the messenger of evil may have some wealth which he could bless Ige with.

Poor Ige never knew.
That Laalu ogiri oko was an a fun lokan fi gbedegba.

The one that gives one a cup of water and demands an ocean in return.

A merchant of Venice who gives one a goat and demands a full whale as payment of debt.

A supernatural crossroads specialist who barters a small cash just to get the soul.
A soul it would come for within a short time.
A destiny it would hunt down with a vicious hound from the deepest parts of hell.
A soul it would tear apart at the appointed day just like the poor Dr. Faustus.

That was Esu odara.
Yet Ige went to consult him in the middle of the night.

The chief priest of Esu asked for a black hen with three tooth, a black snake carrying three babies inside, a black cow whose udder produced black milk, a black bat who resided in the evil forest, and a black owl whose beak was tinted with a touch of white.

The chief priest also asked Ige if he was an omo-akin.
A question, Ige laughed at before replying in the affirmative.
Then his smile went away within the next twenty minutes, for the chief priest had stated that he would be flogged with 100 strokes of the cane by spirits at the crossroad in the middle of the night while being naked.

My friend, let me tell you a secret of life.

Edumare oba orun sometimes speaks through the most unlikely mouthpiece in order to discourage us from following a course of action.

He may send a strange disease to turn back the hearts of men towards him like Iya mi, Oni koko (pap seller) said.

Or He may decide to cause a donkey to acquire a human voice like that Bibeli owned by baba Tawa, says.

Or he may decide to just make a small child acquire a matured persons voice just like that Qurani owned by Iya Mulika, says.

Beeni o
Onise aramanda ni Edumare.
And He does everything according to His wish.

Just like that popular quip goes,
“Every happening, good or bad, is a parable from God to us; the art of life is to interpret it to uncover its message”

Our people say that “Aja ti o ba sonu..”
Ramota o.
Complete that parable for me.

Good. Good. Ko ni gbo fere olode.
At least I know now that the school fees money I am paying, is not being wasted on your head.

At least I know now that you do not have cotton wool in your ears like Tawa,
That rascal girl that went to get herself pregnant for a tout even though her father’s bible is as big as my head.

At least I know now that your head is not as empty like Iya Mulika’s son.
That olodo-rabata who witches seem to have dined on his asiki despite the huge monies his mother spends on taking him to ile-keu and the golden Qurans that she buys for people to read.

Though I wonder how people think sha o.
For they seem to believe that God would answer their prayers if they read to Him from beautiful books.
Ignoramus beings who forget that a clean heart coupled with acts of pure love, actually bring God’s blessings closer to their doorsteps.

To be continued in later posts

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