Citizens craze astray at knocks of invitation-
With attires rocking in imitation,
Blushing in wears with sheer cheers,
No Ankara no semovita without the wears

To storm any awaken ceremony;
Not minding glorious exits as agony,
Not minding births salivates silent banquets
Not minding wedding bleaches by pamphlets

Not minding graduates won’t get job,
Minding appearances(not minds of mob),
Not minding the tent is hours or more.
Family on a bike lavishing amidst demanding sores

Cos a few husbands can’t sponsor a stew
Not to talk of children by few,
And wives save huge out of money for foods
To meet the requirements under canopies of fools,

What’s the use of jewelries to a pig?
Like swine of halfbreed but perfed pigs,
Hundreds of groups wearing  hundreds of anko
For single occasion,and you celebrate with one soul?

S. M Adebayo