Costly Marriage Assumptions

Marriage is an institution greater than what we view it as. Marriage isn’t dating, neither is it wedding. The latter is a one day monumental bliss while the former is beautiful process towards marriage. No one has ever graduated from the institution of marriage and anyone that did, never graduated with a certificate of excellence.
Let us open our eyes and minds and stop assuming about marriage. “Assumptions”, especially relating to marriage , I call it a disease. It is a deadly that has crept into marriage and has destroyed many homes. It kills marriages faster than AIDS kills. Its result is broken home that leads to conflict, prostitution, kidnapping, among others.
To avoid been a victim of the aforementioned, let’s stop assuming and focus on what life have in store for us. Marriage isn’t a bed of roses neither is it just for sex nor is it for raising kids. Marriage is an institute where two heads become one, where the burden is not just for one but for two; where love and care is better expressed in a Godly manner. Marriage improves one’s life only if we stop assuming and love despite all. If you ever married the wrong man, it doesn’t call for divorce. Prayer cures all illnesses with love and patience.
Your husband is a drunk, why don’t you buy the drinks and refrigerate them for him at home. If he consumes five bottles a day, you can limit it to three bottles. Keep doing this till he does your will. Trust me; it has worked for many.
If he is an adulterer, does it not sound romantic to become a prostitute for him. Believe me when he goes out and see a woman naked, it won’t turn him up. Believe me, it works and anytime he is prone to misbehave; he can’t help but think about you.
Your wife isn’t a good cook doesn’t mean you should hit her, mock her or eat outside. Why don’t you try cooking with her. The truth of all is – kitchen is the most comfortable place for intimacy between you and your wife. If you doubt it, try it.
“Husbands love your wives and wives honour your husbands”. Even the Bible commands it. Your marriage would even work better if the wife continues to love her husband and the husband does not stop dating his wife.
Never complain about your husband’s craziness, the day he stops being crazy about you; believe me, someone is giving him a remedy.
Your home is in your palms. Just submit it to God and husbands, don’t forget to love your wife.
Happiness writes

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