Define your Steps

An adage stated “if you fail to plan, definitely you have planned to fail”. Choose the kind of life you want to live or people will decide for you. The day you stop using your head (thinking) is the day you start failing.
A Mentor once said “when I grow old and look back at my youthful days I spent, all I want to do is smile knowing fully well that I accomplished my destiny”. Stop wasting valuable time now. Bones grow weaker the more you grow older; so also your thinking ability.
The day you become mute about issues bothering on your existence is the day your life begins to end. Don’t overlook small ideas, they might just end up been the greatest opportunity ever. Beloved, your best time is now ; now that you are strong, active and vibrant. Now that your brain is fully efficient. Now that time isn’t watching you. If you are not able to achieve something now, later can be late for you.
You have tried several times but things are not working out as planned. Yes I know, the reason can just be because you have been doing the same thing the same way and that is why you have been getting the same results. Keep trying and never relent but take a new path, be creative; be dynamic about your thoughts. Be strong, be daring, stop dreaming and start acting. Rise from the dust and believe in yourself. In fact, I have a prescription for you. Do this everyday: after your morning prayers, call out your name and say to yourself, “I ain’t a failure until I quit”.
Being poor in all ramifications isn’t hereditary but a personal challenge. Your family is poor doesn’t ascertain that you are going to be poor.
Always remind this little piece, “You are the best of your kind and the last of yourself”. You are a product of your thoughts and actions. You are actually better than whatever you think of yourself.
Finally beloved, break away from your comfort zone for the comfort you receive now may later haunt you down if you don’t take a step towards achieving your purpose in life. Never forget also; that a praying lips is a winning hand.

Happiness writes


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