Emotion Monster

Feed, Feed, Feed
That’s all I do
Nothing to give you
Yet I feed

Did I not warn you?
You refused to listen
Do not love me!
I yelled
Yet you gave in to me
Blindly doing so

Following the mirage
It was ever a facade
Beneath it,
Was a dark, cold and empty vacuum

I feed on your emotions
Giving nothing back
You chase a false hope
Holding on to a fairy tale
The beauty does not always tame the beast

I warned you
Now here you are,
Drained and heartbroken
Yet you do not relent
In the pursuit of a myth

So I proceed,
Moving on to the next game
Yet you latch on to me
Like soul in the body
Holding on to every ounce of hope
I warned you……..

Wisdom Arinze writes

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