Food has always been an interesting topic, nothing could ever change that. Have you never seen a face light up, at the mention of ‘food’? Esau sold his birthright for food, friends have been initiated into all sorts of occult through food, and we have even made friends through food, and stepped on toes because of food.

Food will always be a part of us!
Food is a universal norm. All over the world, people appreciate food of different colors, tastes, ingredients and origins. Recipes, food blogs, food events and chefs emerge every day.
I saw a quote that says: “the best people are people who love food (or who love to eat)”. My philosophy is that “the best people are people who are hungry, have just one plate of food to eat and are willing to share that plate with others”.
Sharing food has always been an issue, even before we knew how to read and write as kids. We already knew how to say ‘no, thank you’ when a stranger or anyone offers us food. We already knew that picking up food items will automatically turn us into animals or objects (as most of these dumped food items were fetish sacrifices). Our mothers tried their best in providing us with food in our food flasks/coolers while we got ready for school, almost on a daily basis. Some children were ‘bahd’ enough to rush their food, and start dragging/begging for food from their classmates/school mates. As kids, we also learnt how to ‘protect’ our food.

In today’s world, these ‘long-throat’ children have matured into FFOs (For Food Only). These set of people will go round the globe, do the impossible and even break rules for food. They are food sycophants, they stick to you because you can cook, you always buy food (cos you are really loaded) or you always have edibles in store.
What about the Mogbo Moyas? These ones are incredibly unbelievable. They appear at occasions, uninvited and ready to pack as many take-aways as their bags and containers can carry. They usually have no clue as to who is celebrating or what the celebration is about. They just ‘package’ and ‘enter the place’. As far as my dictionary is concerned, they are ‘party crashers’. Imagine a scenario whereby the invited guests who came late got almost nothing, while the uninvited ones pack all the jollof rice and chicken and drinks ati bee bee lo (etc.).

Talking about jollof rice, can we ever stop loving that great delicacy? The thought of it alone is great. When it goes with fried plantain, moinmoin or her sister fried rice, it is a happy day for the consumer! Jollof rice is the King and Queen of all parties, we keep asking for more. Brethren, I was asked to tell you that, our Nigerian slogan is: No Jollof Rice, No Party! The affair is so strong that foreign celebrities who have blessed their taste buds with some tasty jollof rice had to testify to its goodness and pledged their allegiance to the Nigerian jollof rice (especially Keri Hilson and Trey Songz). You should also know that there is a day set aside to celebrate jollof rice: August 22. That’s all about that!

Now, I want to talk about male cooks. I doubt if there’s anything more romantic about a guy than the fact that he can cook. I have tasted meals prepared by men, and I am always impressed, even if I am actually appreciating the effort. For every guy who grew up thinking it was not necessary or that it was the woman’s job, trust me, it is not too late to learn. If not for your family, learn for yourself. There’s no greater joy than doing something yourself. Recently, our very own Wizkid cried out for help after failing to prepare noodles. In his exact words, ‘I need a woman’. I used to think noodles was the nearest to soaking garri and cornflakes, in terms of easy food to make. I am even embarrassed on his behalf, and not surprised that he feels the solution is getting a woman!

I wish to drop my pen with this: blessed is the hand that giveth, than the hand that receiveth. If you are good in the kitchen, don’t relent to bless others with the talent. If you are not, your contribution will count too. You can help with the groceries, dishes or even setting the table! Be resourceful



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