Grandfather Did It

Grandfather did it, Father did it- Wisdom Arinze
It’s a cowardly feat
Society told us
Do not raise your hand
Against the woman
The woman you love

Tears dripping,
Black eyed,
Swollen cheeks
Face battered.

Look at what you did!!
The mother of your children
By your hand,
Beaten up!!
Black eyed
Her face swollen.

“I was angry.”
That was your excuse
You call yourself a man?!?!!

Get yourself under control!!

Looking back,
Making promises.

Grandfather did it,
The fiery anger in his eyes
Unable to control his weakness.

It began with a slap,
Then followed the punches,
Then came the leather belt.

Anger in my eyes,
Transfixed in my position,
Watching, Listening, Over thinking the situation.

Making a promise
With fear in my heart
“I would never raise my hand”.

But Grandfather did it,
Father followed.

Fear in my heart,
Scared to ask myself the pondering question.

Making a silent promise,
With doubt in my voice,

Then comes the question,
Will I also do it?

Afraid to think about it
Making a decision



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