His thoughts traveled while he washed the dishes in the sink. He
liked weekends. It gave him enough time to recuperate after a
tiring week. His nights had worsened after his intimate encounter
with Misi. She tormented his dreams and while he was awake, she
clouded his thoughts. It had been a while since the thought of a
woman had harassed his mind. He heard the door bell ringing. He
wiped his wet hands with a napkin, turned around and walked out
of the kitchen. He hoped the person at the door wasn’t his
neighbour’s daughter. She had kept him at arm’s length for the
past few weeks. Many other men would have taken advantage of
her, shattered her heart and rendered her body useless. Far be it
from him to be reduced to such level. The bell kept ringing. He
marched towards the front door, wondering who it was. He peeped
through the hole in the door and gasped when he saw her. What
was she doing at his place? He rested his head on the door and
debated whether to ignore her or allow her in. He gritted his teeth
and turned the key. He placed his hand on the door-knob and
opened it slightly. His honey coloured eyes travelled over her slim
curvy frame wrapped in a sky blue long fish tail dress. She looked
like a princess with her brown shoulder length hair swept
backwards. He felt like touching it. He lifted his eyes and met her
intensed gaze.
“What are you doing here?” he sounded harsh.
The instant she saw him, her throat went dry and her desire for
him magnified. She shouldn’t have come. Should she just turn
around and return home or take the bulls by the horn and resolve
the turmoil on her mind?
“What do you want?” he repeated. His heart throbbed at the sight
of her.
She swallowed hard.
God give me strength.
He could sense the battle she fought within. Her eyes said it all. It
was similar to the war that rage within him. She shouldn’t have
come. She had just complicated things. He backed into the flat and
tried to close the door.
Her eyes widened in surprise, “Wait!” she held the door-knob.
“Go home,” his stern tone wasn’t lost to her.
“Hold on,” she pleaded. She really wanted them to sit and iron
things out.
“Why?” he eyed her.
“We… we need to talk.”
He shook his head, “I have got nothing to say to you,” he pushed
the door, but, she held unto it.
“Bassey… please.”
“I am not ready for this… this thing between us…” he gave a shake
of head.
His words cut through her heart. She felt pained.
“If I allow you in, I will sleep with you,” he said plainly, his words
were devoid of emption.
She let go of the knob and stepped back. She just wanted to talk.
She didn’t want to get sexually intimate with him.
“I will regret it, ask God for forgiveness, repent and it will
significantly complicate things between us.”
She nodded with understanding and blinked back the tears that
burned her eyes.
“A man can give you his body, but, not his heart.”
She searched his expressionless face. Why was he saying does
things to her?
“I can sleep with you right now, but, it doesn’t mean that I love
you, sex is not love. They are two different things. You ladies mix
them up a lot.”
She turned away. The tears came. It pooled over her face, “I just…
came… to talk,” her voice cracked.
He snorted, “That talk won’t happen. Our bodies are already on
fire. If we start to talk in here and right now, our conversation will
end in the bedroom.”
She started to walk away.
She ran down the stairway.
“Misi!” he hurried after her, clad in his boxers. He caught up with
her and held her hand.
“Let me go,” she sobbed.
His chest tightened at the sight of her sad wet face.
“Let me go!” she snapped and yanked her hand back. She turned
to leave, but he pulled her close and embraced her.
“I am sorry.”
“Leave me jo…” she started to cry.
“I am so sorry,” he held her tightly. Her softness melted into him,
drugging his mind.
She kept on crying. He felt bad because he knew his words had
wounded her. He had no choice; he needed to tell her the truth. He
pulled away and led her up the stairs and into his apartment. They
sat on a two settee and silence hovered over them. She brought
out a handkerchief from her purse and dabbed her face with it.
“I dated a girl two years ago. We were supposed to get married,
but, she called off the wedding.”
She glanced at him. His hands were clasped together and he stared
at nothing in particular.
“My family and I visited her parents, but she refused to see us and
we were chased out of their home.”
She rested against the chair and listened to him. She was happy
that he was opening up to her.
“I found out that my childhood friend, my so called best friend had
lied to her about me. She believed him. She didn’t even deem it fit
to confront me. They are now married and living happily ever
She wanted to pat his back and console him, but thought against
“I have gotten over her. The wounds have healed, but, the scars
have not completely faded away.”
She nodded with understanding.
“I don’t want to hurt you,” he glanced at her, “I don’t want to waste
your time…” he took her by the hand, “I like you, I really do, but
before I can pursue a relationship with you, I need to sort myself
She sighed with relief. All hope wasn’t lost. It would have been
worse if he had rejected her completely.
“I am not going to ask you to wait for me,” he searched her eyes,
“But, if you are sure that you want to get committed to me in the
nearest future, please, be patient.”
She exhaled and smiled.
“If you can’t wait, you can as well accept any proposal that comes
your way,” he felt distressed saying those words.
She looked into his eyes. Her heart yearned for him, her body
craved for him; she was head over heels in love with him. She
doubted if she would be able to date anyone else. She would wait
for as long as it was necessary.
He stared back at her. He could see the answer in her eyes. Her
feelings were out in the open. She had fallen for him. He sighed
with relief and drew her close. He claimed her lips and trembled
when she responded. She ran her hands through his short curly
brown her and moaned at his touch.
“Bassey…” she came to her senses and pulled away, creating
space between them.
He exhaled loudly and got to his feet.
“I think I should go home,” she got up too and avoided looking at
He came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her slim
Her heart missed a beat, “What are you doing?”
He kissed the nape of her neck and ran his tongue along the
smooth side.
“Please don’t,” her nerves were set on fire by his caress.
“You came to the lion’s den; don’t you know that you might get
“Stop…” she shook him off and hurried to the door, “Good night,”
she glanced back at him and hurried out, closing the door behind
He ran a hand through his hair and fanned his face with the other.
A satisfied grin was pasted on his face.


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