Morning Everyone


This Morning, we shall be sharing some of the perceived results of a poor mind and poor pocket. (This is just a perception).


– Lamentations
– Backbiting
-Talking Tom (talking too much and nonsense)
– Fear (dem dey fear the “fearable n unfearable”)
– Insults people without care about the Hurt
– Thinks violently
– Never see any good in anything
– Depression and Recession
– Excess Sleeping


If you possess any of these qualities, there are ways out. They are :


– Start thinking Right and Good about everything or everyone
– Never underestimate any of your ideas
– Work on an Idea
-Take risks (positive ones)
– Enjoy your life positively whether with a Rich pocket or not.
– Finally, never look back; just keep surging ahead


If you follow these tips, be sure you will become a Success Story everyone talks about.


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