Human Attractions

They called him a weirdo, as knowledge he loved
They called him a faggot for wanting real love
They called him obsessed for of himself taking care
Thankfully, he didn’t give a damn about them
He laughed and cried
He loved and hated
Nor a second he wasted
He learned how to dance, how to deeply love, how to feel the best and not so much, the worst
Of the right people he took care, making them an important part of his world
A world in which beauty could be found partout
The one which lived in his heart, reflected was even in the colours of plants
The ones who could not see that, were and are blind
In observing his acts, I see the realest of arts
Art that makes my own, itself write
And to be honest, je l’aime for that
It’s nice to find nice men who are not afraid to cry
With a song, with a film, with a poem, with the gorgeousness that is nature, with nice words or facts that truly touch their hearts
I wish we could find-both in men and women, that
It’s easier to find simplicity and lack of respect and heart
Hence why we must caress the right ones when found
The good energies, always
Collapsing they end up
So smile and go on, without ever looking back

Thoughts by Raesia

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