Often times, thinking is associated with a depressed soul i.e. Everyone that thinks is in a state of depression, whereas every great step to a colossal achievement in life is initiated with just a thought. Thinking might be associated with depression but it plays a pivotal role in progression and achievement of extraordinary feats.

If you can think, you can live. In a world populated by over ten billion beautiful people, how to survive is a major concern to every living soul. To live a life, you must think a life laden with struggles with the forces of nature which are unavoidable amd inevitable.

Thinking is the hub of creativity; creativity is the step to creating unique values that transform into unimaginable prosperity. Think towards achieving a goal. Be creative and constructive in your thinking. Your thoughts are capable of making you one of the greatest men that ever lived on the earth.

Never allow the negative forces of this life hinder your progressive thinking. Be the reflection of your great dreams. Remember, you need to practice. Thinking is not enough to make you live but it can help you live a life of self-realization. You can achieve what you think only if you play it out on the real stage.

Mark Zuckerberg thought about “The Facebook” to connect Harvard university students but today Facebook is one of the largest social media network in the world. Don’t ever think you can’t success. Think it and live it. According to Marcus Aurelius, “when you arise in the morning, think of what a privilege it is to be alive, to think, to enjoy, to love…” Why not think today, make a plan and live it regardless of the hurdles. Remember, if man is the architect of his misfortune; he is also the architect of his success.

Dream a dream that excites you today and live a life that makes you happy because this life is once and so that you can die smiling knowing that you were a success among the billions of living souls.

Bolaji Abdullah writes


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