If I told you I love you, would you believe me?  You would say it  is a mere infatuation and that I am just being crazy. You would integrate and differentiate, you would analyze the pros and cons, you would go about differences, you would then tell me that we are not compatible. You would then tell me that I am not perfect, you may even still go about how unperfect you are too. But then I tell you I am not scared then I tell you:

Why not just feel this fascinating feeling, why not let me explore my obsession, drive my wildest fantasies to the edge of my emotions, why not just let me feel the passionate gaze of your enchanting eyes, why not let me drown in your alluring smile dancing on your lips like the flute from which the piper’s tunes emerge, your voice like the sounds of the piano plays in my each,  it is like I am listening to Mozart himself playing a unique symphony.

I lie awake every night wondering and pondering, looking at the stars twinkle and the moon shine. The magnificent wind blowing and I just wish it could carry my whispers to your ears. Then I wonder if the stars could reflect images, I would just sit all-day awaiting the night; just looking forward to seeing your face.

If I told you I loved all these about you and yet I never met you, would you believe me? If I told you I feel these attracted towards you and yet I don’t know the colour of your purity, would you believe me? What can I say?  I am just here waiting for you to find me .

Now you may be thinking, you are not supposed to be perfect but then darling you are that perfect just for me.


Lateefah Abdulkareem


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