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Today we will be discussing a very sensitive topic about our



Katherine and Grace were from the same town in the western part of Nigeria. One day, Katherine got into an argument with Grace and in the heat of the confusion shouted that she would teach Grace a bitter lesson. Two months after that, Grace died, after a chronic disease. Fellow house mates that witnessed the quarrel were quick to point accusing fingers at Katherine. ‘What if she carried out her threat? ‘ they concluded.

From the above story, we can see that every word we speak will be judged. Don’t say something because you want to feel good. Words can ignite fire in men’s heart. It can bring tears from the hardest of hearts. The situation hunted Katherine for years. Words spoken in haste and anger always end up in regrets. Jodi Picoult said “Words are like eggs dropped from great heights, you can no more call them back than ignore the mess they leave when they fall”.
Be quick to hear but slow to speak
Watch your words and have a super day ahead


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