Lied & Laid



The scan said it was a boy but a girl came, Lied

Her parents put her in her crib, Laid

Her father promised to be there but never was, Lied

Her mother had no choice but to do it alone, Laid

She cheated in school but never told her mom, Lied

She got thrashed on the assembly ground, Laid

Her peers made her do crazy things, Lied

She obliged, Laid

Her boyfriend said just cuddle, Lied

She was naive, inexperienced and gave in, Laid

Her boyfriend denied her, Lied

She opted for abortion, Laid

She couldn’t tell her mom, Lied

Her abortion went wrong, Laid

Her friends said she had an accident, Lied

Her father put her 6ft underground in tears, Laid

Her boyfriend’s conscience hunted him, Lied

He realized his mistakes and confessed to her parents, Laid

Her mother got a stroke, Lied

Died a month later, Laid

Her father drank to stupor to negate his sorrows, Lied

He met his demise at the hands of a bike, Laid

It will be remembered in history, Lied

That she got her family…… Laid



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