Longing Hearts

Dear s_x_

I feel so inexpressible yet joyful the first time I saw you,
I felt more than words could say

You’re so a mixture of beautiful feelings!
I can’t resist your smile!
The ability to resist you fade into the shadows!
I am absolutely crazy for you!

Your soul is calm; your heart is beautiful
And my heart is truly in your hands
I could keep changing ways ’til life was done
But YOU are the focus of my plans.

This deep love is a mixture of beautiful feelings my love,
And for you, my love, I thank Heaven above.

All my love, s_x_
Dear x_x_

I saw you for the first time and had a liking for you
The second time, I felt a great regard
The third time, a longing to have you in my arms
And now I long for every moment with you

Your smile has me in cuffs
You beautiful eyes like a mirror in my head
I saw you walk, was like the majestic flow of the Nile
Your lips, ever saying come nigh

I long for your touch
To lock your fingers in mine
Feel you ever by my side
When you’ll be mine

I long for you

Dear x_x_

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