Mistake is Natural;Regret is Demeaning

Making mistakes is what makes you human. Repeating the mistakes is what makes you a fool; learning from your mistakes is what makes you grow. Learning from others’ mistakes is what makes you a matured soul. Loving and being loved after mistakes is what keeps you living. Appreciating others makes you different from your past, keeping grudges reminds you of your past and remembering your past gives you a bad image of yourself. You definitely would hate yourself and this might make you do what you hate and you keep parading the same costing mistakes.
Mistakes don’t make you look imperfect, it only perfects your imperfections. After a misdoing, never wallow in self pity but keep your head above the red sea of turmoil. You think you have never made mistakes, it is a privilege soon to be broken. No man has ever lived the earth without misdoing and none will ever live the earth without this inevitable nature of man.
So, I plead: Never look down upon yourself. Sometimes, the things we ought to do; we didn’t do and things we ought not to do, we do. Never cry over your errors rather search for the reason why you fell and soar like an eagle in strides.

Happiness writes

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