A wonderful morning to you my lovely readers.
This morning we will talk about THE FORCE OF DETERMINATION

A man with muscular dystrophy (progressive degeneration of the skeletal muscles) finished a marathon in approximately 17 hours. At the time he was born with this disease, the doctors gave him 7 days to live. He lived beyond 7 days. He lived to become a man. Instead of being restricted to a wheel chair, he lived to enroll for a marathon race.
In spite of his medical condition, he proved many wrong by completing the race. Thought he was the last to finish, he completed the race.

Read what this woman from Ghana wrote: “I got pregnant at 15; 8 months after having the baby, I went back to complete high school. Today I have a master degree and my son has a law degree. Once you are determined, nothing can stand in your way”

Determination is the tonic that keeps champions going.
Maya Angelou said *”You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them”*
Don’t let anything kill your dreams. Be determined.

Have a wonderful day.
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