Good morning to you my lovely readers. It’s a beautiful Monday morning and we will approach the subject *NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE*

Years ago, Russian scientists surveying the earth’s surface from space said they had discovered an underground river beneath the Sahara desert in Mauritania. The quantity of water reserve found using hi-tech satellite imaging is enough to meet the drinking water needs of 50,000 residents of the nearby city of Altar. We were told for years that it’s impossible to find water in the Sahara desert. We are realizing suddenly that truly, there is nothing impossible in this world .

You can do all things and you can become what you desire to become and nothing except yourself can stop you. Orison Marden said *”He can, who thinks he can and he can’t who thinks he can’t “*
No man’s success or health will ever reach beyond his own confidence. As a rule, we erect our own barriers. Do that which you think you cannot do today.

Have a wonderful day ahead and keep smiling
Prisca cares

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