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According to the English dictionary, stress is any agent affecting a living organism thereby reducing its productivity.
There are 4 thinking patterns that can make life too stressful. Please avoid them. No matter how big a balloon is, a single pin is all it takes to deflate it. Little stress of today plus the one of tomorrow can have devastating effects on your health and resourcefulness.

Remember success always begins and it is sustained by your state of mind. If you die from stress, life goes on. Chill out and note these :
*1. SELF BLAME*- Geez, I lost my phone. How can I be so stupid?
*2. BLAMING OTHERS*-How can she be so wicked? Blaming others increases and multiplies your stress.
*3. URGENCY*- I can’t wait for a locksmith. Should I break the window? Why the hurry? Stress is killed in the garden of patience.
*4. EXAGGERATION*- I’m so late, my boss will be furious and fire me. What you fear may need happen.
These are the 4 thinking patterns that can make life too stressful 

So put your problem and your future in the hands of God. Do your best and go to sleep. *CUT THE STRESS OFF*

Have a peaceful day and don’t forget to smile

*Prisca cares*

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