Monster’s Demise


Beneath that evil smirk
The strong image
Is a craving soul

He also has his hopes
Haunting him daily
Like the sin done in the dark
So close but yet very far
Within reach but yet so distant

Scared to rise in love
Scared to be heartbroken

Thinking to himself
Is it worth it?
No response

Butterflies, lilies,
She gives that soothing feeling

Throwing caution to the wind and star
Risking it all
Is this love?
At last

But is it worth it?

So much pain,
Yet feeling so much pleasure

Investing everything
Time, emotions, attention

The feeling of delusion
Or so he thinks
But does not seem to control himself

Is this love?
So much pain
Yet, a deceiving pleasure

Fate dawns on him,
Losing her
Feeling broken, weak, vulnerable
Left with nothing
But a lost hope
Shattered to shreds

He is left to deal with the pain

A strange voice echoes still
“You deserve this and worse…..”

Wisdom Arinze writes

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