My Death Came So Soon

Night cloths On sun at it’s peak.
Tears on phiz down from my cheek
Fearful and obstructed and weak
I could barely speak,
I could smell grief
Like a lynched corpse
I couldn’t bear it.

“Rough and smooth
We travel the path,
Tough but lively
We took the chances,
We vow for voyage
We ordered for sausage,
Ooh, we mate the dames
Never seen a man like Rich James”
Best-friend shed tears as he says.

There she weeps
Trembling, they will say
When felts like losing a dear one
“Wake” pores cries as she yells
Yet, death walks to the next.

And I, the deceased would say
“Now am here
My death came so soon”.
If only we would listen.
We might as well
not to the depth
But feel the pain.

For everyday we will wait,
For death as it wave
And no more be afraid
For our live,
Willingly, it will take.
My death came so soon
Poet: Olatunji Alade Mahphouz.

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