My Demon and I


Every child is an artist, but the problem is would he remain an artist?

Every year is long, 365 days is not a joke neither is it too much. But at some point you feel like its never going to end.

Growing up was a lot easier. Happy moments, fantasazing, and making every second of you life count, I guess that’s what life was to me. I was a kid that would smile no matter the harship I was going through. I was a dancer, and a writer, and I dream almost every night, beautiful dreams they were and all this could make you not wanting to age, but everything change. How? Life.

Money is the root of all evil, but money also has side kicks. I wouldn’t like to mention but it has. Things drastically changed and life started happening. The bad side of life. The moment when you start loosing someone to death and someone for someone else, it sucks a lot.
Then that moment your happy is now sad, good now bad,when you have no one to turn to, just no one not even your family, then comes a voice in your head. At first I thought it was the devil whispering to me, but I realised I was talking to myself. Deep in my heart I have another soul who has never talked nor lived till that moment.

“You are not meant to be like said to me.
You are not meant to be affected by the shit that happens around you, you are supposed to be strong vicious, a king of the life around you. But you’re feeble, puny, living under the shadow that you’re supposed to be controlling”.

“Who are you” I said
“I am you. The better you, the you that’s suppose to be in control of you”

That moment I remembered a saying, “You have to look withing yourself, to see yourself, from your other self. Only then would your true self reveal itself”.

Is this my real self? I thought inside of me
Yes I am your real self”. It answered. You can no longer bear this pain. Let me help you, let me control you and you will never feel anything ever again.

I guess at that moment I let. It ruled my kingdom for many years until I couldn’t take it anymore and I had to fight for myself and be what I used to be. But a paper half burnt can never return to normal. But I was still able to conjure my demon.

But every single time you hurt me you let my demon loose, and the story start all over again. That is just me, myself and I. My Demon and I. Probably that’s why I created an alter ego that can be both without breaking a sweat but shit still happens.

Omolola writes

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