I am a little girl of fifteen

With a vibrant life and a face so pretty

It all started with a head-on-collision

Bringing an abrupt end to my wildest imaginations


It almost claimed my life and put me down

Confined me to this chair, for me to be wheeled around

I cried and cried thinking my life has seen its ending

Little did I know that my life was just beginning


In my depressed state, I took my pen to write

My pathetic story, I’ll have to share all my life

I found comfort in my pen and paper

Lifting me from suicidal thoughts and mood so sober


Then I said to myself one morning

I still got two hands to be thankful for, so why mourning?

Because there is ability in my very own disability

Sometimes your disability brings out the talent in hiding


My faith in myself will always say YES

Even when my disability says No

My ability will arise and conquer the fears

That my disability has put me through making me shed tears

Now I’m eighteen, I’m an aspiring writer

I move around in my chair with courage, I am a fighter

I don’t let negativity get to me

Because in reality my disability does not make me


I know there are many out there like me

Who cower in the darkness, inhibiting their ability

Eliciting pain, depression and self destruction

Putting a stop to their progress, accepting the gift of retrogression


I tell you dear friend, you have to put a stop to that

Do that which you are able to do and let your light shine

Know that your ability is far greater than your disability

Regain your courage, get to work and share your story


Did I hear you say you are ashamed of your flaws or disability?

Did I hear you say you are scared of what people will say?

There are people who will love you for being you

Ignore negative comments and associate with positive thinkers


Your disability does not and could never define you

Only you can define you

Remember miracles happen everyday

It only happens with your faith and when you test your ability


We can live with hope, with light and brightness

We can put an end to the days of gloominess

We can give ourselves a resounding and profound voice

If only we close our eyes to our disabilities, now that’s a choice.


Now I’ve discover the great potential in me

Now I know my disability does not define me

Now I know am ready to change my world

And give a voice to people like me home and abroad




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