Born in this great city of Royal dynasty
Given breath by the air of the land
Rapped in the warm native cloth (Ofi)
Laid tenderly on the native mat of sleep
With a great deal of communal living
It is hard to recognise my mother
Because women surround me to care for me
Oh! What a peaceful land


Crawling in the moist fertile soil
Filled with the enjoyment that I eat the sand
With unceasing joy of childhood experience
Making bars and bears out of the clay soil
Backing those bears with Mama’s
Old wrapper!
Oh! What an evergreen moment


Walking in pairs along the road
With great ecstasy
With my peers in our dirty pants!
The word “Shy” was out of our dictionary
We walk naked all day!
It’s time to eat,we scatter around
I pick up my clay made plate to queue
Eating the food together in a big soup bowl
Food jointly prepared because of the
Inseparable bond!
Unceasing love exists!


Growing older to live all alone
Surprised jealously craves in the mind of neighbours
Character of neighbours changes in a jiffy
My then all panties friends make me their skirt foe
Communal living turns to communal fights
Yet, the land upholds the evergreen glory
A great city with great generations
Across the seas!
Ibadan! Hear my call, my birthland


Olagoke_Wuraola writes

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