Never Lose the Trust of your People

Who are your people? Your people generically means family, friends, relatives, associates, colleagues, employees among others known; but in reality, your people refers to all humans apart from you. According to the myth of creation found in the holy books, we are all progenies of Adam (Peace be upon Him). So, all humans in the world are your people.
Those you meet today, those you may never see again till the end of ‘you’ are part of your people. So, gain every man’s trust.
Trust is the emblem of unity and prosperity. Whilst prosperity is achieved when you work hard, pay hard and receive optimally; unity of thoughts and actions beget optimum results from endeavours. These aforementioned lie in personal trust and peoples’ trust.
Trust in your ability trades you in the plain whilst unity of good attitudes and actions gain peoples’ trust for you. All humans can be good and bad. Every man has his own strength and weakness. Overcome your weaknesses and transform them into strength. If laughing or smiling is difficult for you; then you are a weak man.
The Messiah’s (peace be upon Him) powerful speeches about the “Father” earned peoples’ trust centuries ago and still does today. Also, the character and speeches of the Prophet Muhammed (peace and blessing be upon him) spread about trust in his words then and now. People still hearken to their words today because of the trust earned in their short life span.
Earn and maintain the trust to the best of your ability to make your living worthwhile. Continuity in goodness increases the greatness of man in the heart of people. “I would always display attitudes that will glue my name to my peoples’ heart and not peoples’ tongue.” Remember, evil transverse this land faster than goodness. Be discovered for your good, be known for your good and be remembered for your good.
You will never lose the trust of your people if you serve with the congruency of what you say and do. However, remember that service does not mean subservience; trust is the aim not loyalty.

Bolaji Abdullah writes

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