Nigeria has a name
But she is lame,
She was once a giant
But never as wise as an ant

Her joy of independence
Was eroded by involuntary dependence
Like wind She did howl
And she is still being tortured by the owl

The masses always lament
But our rulers enjoy every moment
To deal with our enemies
They ruthlessly kill our allies

They serve our fatherland
To build the foreign land
The labor of our heroes
Has gone into its death throes

They ought to be just
But they are lost in lust
They dug to the root
Of deceit in order to loot

They have fallen by the edge
Of our National pledge
Hope of Prosperity
Resides with Prosperity

Oh my weary eye lids, cry no longer for peace but cry for justice , unity and true federalism for they are the answers to help out of our conundrum.

by Segun Olarinre.


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