*Nothing Last Forever*

Breathe is like rent
Its motion travels in precise percent
We’re nothing but vincent
Death knew not the patient
Nor the precious parent
What a presumed prompt predicament!

Neither listen to thy amazing accents
where thou the adorable ancients?
He partake in the last event
Why thou tears trailing his absent
Tongues clamoring his diligence ground is thirsty of his presence

Nothing last forever
Even the canes of severe suffer
After the trumpet
Who else will be your riddled rival?
The beat is secretly set
so risky like tempts of bet
Hot suns wearing sudden sweater

Nothing last forever
Countless climbing the trial ladder
Its hotness make them shiver
Its coldness make them stagger
The fatty meat is so sweet
Yet it lastly sleep in pit

Adelere Jubril Bukola {Sen.Bukkydlaw}

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