Open your soul.

English dictionary defined oppression to be the exercise of authority or power in a burdensome, cruel or unjust manner.

like how we rise to new day, exactly is how we rise to humanitarian’s unjust approaches.

It comes somewhat sudden and most times with view of heavy down-pour in the middle of a lonely desert. Isn’t that sudden and out of thought? Yes! It is, but a surprise as well.

I had liked you to adjust and sit right for the unleashed motive. It has been proving that “to become an unshakeable conqueror, you must have shaken the unshakeable emperor”, not only that, also won over side issues and Mr’s and Mrs’ oppressive motives.

What is oppression?

To me it’s another corner stone needed to uphold that solid building. You should inversely consider oppression as that or something more obligatory at interventions, than the aforementioned.

Depending on you and your ability to obtain and incur, ask yourself this.

Will it make me or break me?

Connoisseur_Mahphouz writes


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