Paths in Life

We’ve lived through ages,

Yet we never learnt.

We’ve survived for centuries,

Yet we never bent.

We never deviated from our primitive characters.

The devil in us still lives.

He thrives amidst our misdeeds,

Our hatreds, our mischiefs.

Creating alternative paths to our beliefs

But he grieves!

Who grieves?

The angel in us that also lives.

That guides us towards the straight path.

Yet a path filled with obstacles and challenges.

The cowards takes the alternatives.

The brave ones push through.

The coward’s path is at first –

A smooth, hitch free ride devoid of any obstacles

And he thinks it’ll go on like that forever.

He really does not know,

That at the end of these alternates are thorns and a continuous abyss of torments.

Torments so great he’d wish he could start over.

As for the brave,

The path may seem tiring

But he never faltered.

He kept on trying,

Kept on striving.

The road was bumpy, the road was rough,

But he knew,

Knew what?

That the sojourn, was only meant for the Sabiruun.

So he kept pushing.

Alas, the destination was in sight.

What he saw was beyond comprehension.

Greater than any form of imagination he ever had.

Well, he thought to himself.

The ordeal was worth it,

For those who sought it.

Now he could rest.

With gardens all around

And rivers flowing beneath.

The contract he signed

And the rewards promised

Had surely been kept,

Far beyond what he could have hoped for.

But the brave out of curiosity inquired,

What happens next to the coward?

The same thing that’s happening to you

But in an opposing way and in a different dimension.

Forever and ever.

The Brave was still apparently curious.

So he was shown a little view………….

The coward was pleading vehemently.

He wished he could go back,

So he could make amends.

The wailing and pleading continued,

But there was really no going back.

All that’s done is done.

Alas, it was a dream

Which seemed so real

And for a moment.

It was as if they just journeyed to another realm.

Well, the brave and the coward lives.

Now all that’s left is reality.

Once again, they both start off on different paths.

Guess what?

The brave, as usual took the straight path.

The coward, also, took the alternatives.

The angel lives,

The devil lives,

The angel grieves,

The devil rejoices.

Once again triumph is his.

We’ve read through pages,

We’ve heard from sages,

We’ve lived through ages,

Yet we never learnt.


Soboyejo Tawfique Babatunde


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