When you feel dejected about your mistake
Lament about steps you took
But failed because could not wait
Or think straight
Afraid people might judge you
All you wanted was to reach your desired fate
At a time your belief suits you most
Optimistic about your plans
Difficult to share with friends
Believed you might be discouraged
In winning a war about to be waged
Failed to think about what story to tell
To those who see your success as a great deal
False stories are then told
But the truth later unfolds
No witness to testify to your false stories
You will realize you did not save yourself from been judged
The timing was just changed
‘Had I known’ your favourite saying
Regrets, root of your story
Followed by depression and blames,
From those that do not know your name
Or from where you came
Painful regrets will be registered
Wishing you have been convinced otherwise
Blind to judges from hypocrites
Who does not know your destination or desired fate
But will testify to your hard-earned success story
Of patience and perseverance
Joy written on your face
The regrets in your story will be why you could not have done better
And get more renowned respect
From all aspects of life
Your regrets will be followed by excitement and applaud
Kudos and rewards
From all and sundry
Who finds your regrets,
Akorede Firdaos Umulkhayr

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