As a godly Lady in courtship, what are you trying to explain when you wear that seductive and exposive dress to visit your fiance all in the name of “I want to look extraordinary and let him know and appreciate that I am curved shaped by God; at least he is vast in the spiritual knowledge…he cannot hurt my privacy”?
Hmmmmm. Don’t forget that his sexual urge didn’t die with him on the Salvation day…He is not a Robot! Don’t make the careful man to fall in his thoughts.
Beside, That motive is wrong. And with doing that, Just know that you are only embracing fornication in thought and in deed.

Now I’m not saying go out in your shabby dress but I am saying this because you have what it takes to make him steadfast and fulfilled instead of making him fall and frustrated. He is Human and a sensitive one for that matter. So, Be POSITIVE, Be DECENT and be MODEST!

The moment when your partner’s conscience is hurt, or you make him/ her fall, stumble, offends, or weaken him/her based on the decision you’re making to satisfy your urges and desires… That moment, you have become an Eve that will chase your partner out of divine location. Be careful.

Be inspired to live for purity. Keep the courtship Pure.

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