Does love come before beauty or vice versa?

I’m glad to tell you all that love comes before beauty. Ask me how. How? Ohoo, thank you. Guys believe in the power of beauty in order to love  ladies. But I will continue to stand astride and akimbo to say that real love comes first, following it, you will see her beauty. When you love someone everything about her is the best, therefore, she becomes perfect in your sight. So, nothing can be said to convince you my brother. We only turn to beauty addicts which is the Genesis of broken homes, certainly,broken relationships. What is being loved is loved for love itself is out of beauty. Had you a situation where you have a telephone conversation with a lady and fell for her even without seeing? Let’s imbibe love at any glance of any relationship. Let’s love and cherish any available girl or lady.Until then,we can be exposed to the beauty of each.
God bless us all.

As produced and written by S.M Adebayo

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