TALES FROM MY HOOD (unknown episode )

THEME:  On My Way To Sambisa forest

I have met with a soldier who refused to fight in Sambisa forest. He was coming when I was going. He dropped me a message to all soldiers to be, especially those who attend institutions a bit to stand out in service. Now,listen to the words from a brilliant soldier to the youngsters; Each bereaved family often bag a cube filled with ashes of deceased corporal or sergeant to the national anniversary. Jillions of flowers in company of single shot to celebrate the gone combatants. Just one shot per year to weep the Courage of thousands of soldiers. Nothing much  to wipe off the tears of widows and orphans whose spouses or parents slept in the lord at battlefields. As bullets and swords prepare souls for missiles to ferry from earth to hell. All their epitaphs contain end of hopes and aspirations. Few out of zillion corpses are left to bury since they don’t die in peace but in shackles of pieces. Nobody dances to the tune of their heroic deeds. Still, you brag on recruitment or callup, with  six packs. I bear no grudge with no one but the brutality of war. If the nation bears grudge with them let it fights them itself. How will I fight my brothers who I haven’t known?. I pray each team and opponent grow out of bondage of war. War is a demon; I don’t pledge out my life since no civilian president titled ‘first citizen’ will  feel so devoted to lead a battle. Peace shall be still through cordial settlement,not my blood,can’t say yours since I know you won’t like such a  thing. Why must you be enlisted? So, to my able citizens who salivate recruitment, I recommend the ways of Plato.  Much lives in lands of Athens than Sparta. You have your lives and nation has its own. Let nation adjust its economy and use the economy to war with others,while khaki-boys protect without bloodshed. Just a strict strategy. Explore your existence because even when one dies off,the nation lives on?

As produced and written by
S. M  Adebayo

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