Part One
After announcing the deadline for the payment of school fees to be in three hours time, ׯthe proprietor dismissed the students. Among the angry crowd of studentsׯwale glanced at Ige. He was awed with her inborn beauty.
“Aabaׯwho’s this Angel?”He soliloquised with salivation in his throat”He jogged a bit toward Ige”‘Hello bae'”.
“Hi”she replied. Wale cleared his throat and began.I’m wale. I think I’m seeing you for the first time on this planet”. Please,ׯmay I know you?”Sure”my dad named me Ige. ActuallyׯI’m a daughter to one of the noblemen in this town”she exclaimed. it sounds good in ears. It seems we are ,birds of a featherׯbecauseׯmy father too is noble with due wealth, probably,ׯhe spends Euros” Retorted wale. Her sandalhook cut off “Christ what a shame this sandal has borne” Wale’s eyebrows switched to and fro. He checked his pockets energetically””Oh”Funny enough babe can you believe i left my ATM Card at home? I wish to call you a cobbler but I have no credit card at hand. See you soon” He went off” Ige struggled home bare footedly”

……this is just the beginning…

Ige….Awolowo’s daughter
Wale….son of an old beggar

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