*TALES FROM MY HOOD (Episode  1)*


Worshipping God is not limited to attending his sanctuary but your actions and inactions on the seat.  Go to church today, you will see members snoring on settees, some are itched with inflated tithes,some imitate the speaking defects of preachers, seers or choirmasters.
Imagine,a church was asked to contribute 20k.  Each members were expected to donate #500.
After 3 weeks, the pastor decided to call out debtors. It was only one debtor.  Her name was called time without number but she remained silent,until the pastor stood her up.  She cleared her throat and began _”How dare you recording me in debtors’ book? Did I buy coke or pure water from the church. I wish to donate and nobody can force me to pay even in the face of matchet. Pls pastor,free me”_ she walked out majestically.

*Seriously some penitents can not assess their faith.*
*Wise up as you journey to church.*

👨‍💻 _S. M  Adebayo cares_

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