Thoughts by Raesia

“We are
Who we are
Due to our thoughts
And the things that we lived
In the earliest stages
Of our lives
An enormous amount of pain
A smile can hide
Negative environments
Can make us
Fall down
Get sick
And feel like
We are drowned
The light we must follow
No matter what
It is never too late
For a brand new
It is never too late
To leave our past
Incredible experiences
And love
Are waiting for us
Let’s open our doors
Our windows
Our hearts
So they can both rapidly
Enter our lives
Fact that will force us
To smile
Fact that will heal
All the scars
Of the ones who were
Badly treated
And are
Beautiful as flowers
And stronger
Than the heat of the fires
And the warmth
Of the sun”
 Thoughts by Raesia
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