Until You Listen to her Lyrics

“Until you listen to her lyrics”

Until you listen to her lyrics
Pushing through the threshold
Of an unmeasured pressure,
Wordings of a blissful existence
Becoming senile.

It took one too many bricks
It took a thousand pieces
Of her crawling feet
Staggering on to redemption.
As a hold on this salvific knuckles
Would be an ordained audacity
To her tamed womanhood.

On, she stretches hopefully
At these knuckles
That insistently snuff off a lid
But she leans forward
All the more,
To these two sharp edged pen knife
That slew her very essence.

The very knuckles
That stare right back at her
With an echo of unrelenting laxity.
He was meant to be
Her living winch
Pulling her out of this dreaded well
Of manly treachery.

Uncle; daddy; mister
As she kneels undecided,
Which was he?

Yet, on her lyrics blare
Together with the sounds
Of perverse flames
Fiercely delivering
The telltale of an ongoing hades.

But vainly, she stretches
And his gaze still bypasses.

Now I tell you,
That you never know,
Until you listen to her lyrics.

As her lid fills with tears so slow
And a heart as rumpled and cold.
Take a lesson or so,
As you slander
The reckless bag of veins
Of the one with crippled knuckles.

Eucharia Nwanneka N.

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