I got to Abuja and on getting home I met Tunde. “Hello, I thought you would be out”. “How can I be out? I am eager to hear how I impregnated you!” I got angry or at least pretended to be. “How else do you get a girl pregnant? We had sex! Unprotected sex at that, what did you expect or haven’t you had the saying it takes only once? Look Tunde stop asking me jamb question I am carrying your baby so deal with it”. He starts laughing looking at me and shaking his head. “Waoh! Here I thought you were innocent. But you know how to weave a lie”. I get up to leave and go inside when his words stop me cold. “I had vasectomy when I did my masters abroad. So there is no way that baby is mine!” I feel faint and I go back to sit. “What do you mean you had a vasectomy?”. The shock is on my face, my heart is in overdrive I almost laugh at the irony if only my parents knew how their plan was about to backfire. “Well I have not had sex with anybody, so maybe they didn’t do it well?” I am grasping at straws and he knows it. “No that is not it. You either brought someone home after we got married or………” My heart leaps “………or you had sex before we got married. I am not faulting that but the fact that you decided you were going to pass that baby as mine makes me mad! That child is not mine! You better start talking, is that your boyfriend’s baby?” I turn away to hide my face a little before turning back to look at him in the face. “I don’t know what you are talking about, this baby is yours”. He moves closer to me and gets right in my face. “Don’t provoke me Sola, I told you already I had a vasectomy there is no way that baby is mine so you better start talking!” He screams right in my face and succeeds in scaring me. I start to cry. He just keeps shouting, “Who is the father of the baby? Who did you sleep with! Answer me!” I creek under the tension. “The baby is not yours!”. “Whose is it?”. I start to sob, I can’t stop shaking. “I……. I…… I don’t know”. He looks at me in disgust. “You have had so many men that you don’t even know who the father is? So I married nothing but a slut!” He turns away and starts to walk away, calling me a slut was the highest insult I did not deserve. I was tired of people calling me that name and looking at me in disgust. “You don’t understand…….” He keeps walking until I scream it. “……… I was RAPED!”. saying it makes it feel so real, like it’s happening right now. I break down in tears, my words seem to shock him and he turns back slowly. “You were what? Jesus!”

Now he knows the truth, how did he handle this?
Watch out for the finale!!!

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