What did you say? Jesus!” I rub my eyes suddenly feeling tired. What exactly did my parents get me into? I was forced to marry this young lady or get disinherited, I have been so angry with my parents, her parents and her wondering why they would give away there daughter who is just twenty to an early marriage. My father didn’t say much, just that I had to marry her. She looks so young and fragile her shoulder sagging like she is carrying the weight of the world. I feel bad, I have not been treating her well, I did not even call her since she went back to school. I kneel in front of her at a loss of what to do, I pat her shoulder and tell her to calm down. “I can’t do this anymore! I can’t! I just can’t!” I don’t understand her what did she mean by that. “Can’t do what? What do you mean Sola?”. SOLA: The horrible tale of how I was raped spill from my lips and I tell Tunde everything, and how I got pregnant and my parents told me I had to marry him and pretend like I was not pregnant. I didn’t tell him how my mum told me to make sure I slept with him so he would think the baby was his. I could see him getting angry at the thought that my parents knew I was pregnant before marrying me off to him. “What kind of parent would do this to their daughter? I am sorry that guy and his goons raped you and I am sorry you had to go through what you did. I am even more sorry that your parent’s reacted the way they did. We are going to get through this and I promise to be your friend”. His arms come around me and I sob into his chest. I felt relieved but I knew this was not going to go well with my father.
Telling Tunde everything changed my life. He told me I had to tell my parents everything and I could not be forced into a marriage we did not want and they had to support me through my pregnancy. I was reluctant but he encouraged me and even followed me to my parents with his support I was able to tell them. My father is shocked and my mum starts to cry telling me she is sorry. My father just sits stock still. It’s the first time I have seen him short of words. My mum comes to me and hugs me tight to herself. “My baby I am so sorry. So sorry please forgive us, forgive me. I have failed as a mother I am sorry.” She sobs into my hair, then my father stands up and leaves the room not saying a word. I look at Tunde and silently thank him we are going to annul our marriage and remain friends. I still have a lot to deal with but now that I have said all that I went through and I have the support of my mom, Tunde and my best friend, don’t know about my dad yet, I knew I was going to be alright. My name is Sola, and I always dreamed of happily ever after and Prince charming but life does not always happen the way we want it. Bad things happen and we feel like we can’t make it that we are going to drown but then we have to stand right back and survive, just like I did, just like I will keep on doing.


Halimah Ganiyu, the writer of “VICES”  is a student of the Obafemi Awolowo University, department of Dramatic Art. She is a Genius in the world of writing as envisaged in the just concluded “VICES”. Follow her on instagram for more scintillating stories @haileys_cocoon.

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