The day is a blur, the house is full of tension and no one is talking to me except for my younger sister Tumininu. I can do nothing right in the house, I can’t even smile or laugh or just have a moment of reprieve from all this pain and sorrow. My mother would not even look at me or talk to me. Countless times I wanted to go to her and tell her what happened to me. How I was violated, abused, molested, how her daughter went through the worst experience of her life without her family knowing, without the proper punishment doled out to the people involved. How I have lived in constant fear and agony. I did not want this,  I never wanted this, I have always dreamed of graduating from school and working in a big company making my money and getting married to the love of my life and having beautiful children with him. I don’t know what will happen, I don’t know what my father has planned out for me, he is an elder in his church and I know he was not going to allow me disgrace him. Father came back from work this evening and called for me. This is the first time in a week he has called for me. My heart is beating so fast I feel it will fall off my chest, I knock gently on the door to his library and I jump when I heard is voice barked, “come in” . I wiped my sweaty hands on my skirt and opened the door to face my judgement. “You are getting married next week”. He said without preamble. I was frozen to a spot, of all things I did not expect him to say this, several scenarios had played in my mind from him sending me out of the house, to him sending me to live with my aunt who is abroad. But marriage? I started to shake my head. “You have something to say?” I shook my head “no” immediately. I knew in my mind that everything is planned out and I can’t say no. “Get out!” I rushed out of the library.
I take it your father has told you?” I shook my head ‘yes’ . “Good. His name is Tunde, his father is also an elder in the church and we are very lucky he is willing to allow his son marry you. So you have to be a good wife to him. He works in Abuja, by the time this starts to show nobody will suspect a thing so the wedding has to be soon. In the next three weeks or so…….. ” ” I don’t want to get married to this guy whoever he is” My mom looks at me like I am crazy. “Then tell us who impregnated you. If he is a good person he should come and claim what’s his. Who impregnated you Sola?” I kept mute. “See you won’t say or you can’t say. How many men did you sleep with? Answer me! Ashawo how many men did you sleep with that you don’t know the father? Is  this how I trained you? Is this what I trained you to become? You will get married to that boy and forget about all this nonsense if you don’t want to risk the wrath of your father! ” At this point we were both crying, my mom out of shame and I was crying out of so much pain and sorrow.” I am willing to allow you choose your gown yourself after all you only get married once” I shook my head, gown? “Choose anything” I turned back and walked away.

Wedding day around the corner, how did it go?

Episode 6 coming soon

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