The wedding is in three days and this is the first time I would be meeting Tunde . To say I am nervous is an understatement, I am scared almost frightened; what will he be like? Will he be kind? Gentle? Caring? I doubt if he wanted to marry me or be saddled with a child that isn’t his. I wonder why he agreed to marry me because he could have anyone he wanted. From the pictures I saw on Facebook and instagram he is a good looking guy in fact he is handsome. Tall, fair, good looking, everything I have always wanted in a man just that we didn’t meet on the right terms and I don’t know how he will behave towards me. My mom made sure to dress me well in the best conservative gown she could find and she made sure I cooked the meal although she supervised. I am sure she wants to boast and project my good qualities. We are having lunch with Tunde and his family mostly for both of us to get to know each other before the wedding. “Mummy they are here”. Tumininu calls as my mom zips my dress. My heart flips. God! What will he think of me? My mom looks back at me from the door and raises her brow at me. I move towards her quickly and we both head out to greet the newly arrived guest. When we get to the sitting room my eyes go straight to Tunde and believe me he is even more good looking than in camera but this only makes me more nervous than I was before. I mean a guy as good looking as him can have anyone. I felt his gaze on me as he checked me out too. I knelt and greeted both his mom and dad. While his dad is more receptive ; his mom’s response is cold. I wonder if she knows because according to my mom they kept her out of the loop. Then I look at my fiancee and greet him.
You may kiss the bride”. The pastor says after joining us and the crowd starts to clap and congratulate us from the pew. I am about to have my first kiss ever, my heart starts to beat wildly in my chest as Tunde brings his head closer to me and I close my eyes in anticipation. He brushes his lips with mine and the whole thing was over in two seconds. Disappointment washes through me, he could not have reminded me more  of the reason behind our marriage. Besides I don’t have a right to feel like this is real not with what I am doing and what I am about to do. Guilt weighs heavily on my shoulder as I remember what my mother told me. It was the day after lunch with Tunde’s family and mom called me to her room to talk privately. “You are getting married soon and you have to be strong. The truth is that Tunde does not know you are pregnant……” I am confused “I thought you said dad told him?” Now I Start to see why he agreed to marry me but then why didn’t they tell him. “Well he did not and you are not going to either. No one knows you are pregnant except for us and we are going to keep it that way”. I start to wonder how possible it is to hide being pregnant, mom must have seen the confusion on my face “You need to make sure you sleep with him on the night of your wedding so that three weeks later you can tell him you are pregnant. Stop looking at me like that. You brought this to us and you have to solve it. There is no way you are going to bring shame to this family and to your father more than you already have. So you better be smart about it. Are you listening to me?”


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