I did what Tolu said I should mix both sleeping drug and passion in the wine and juice he takes. Then I wait in my room for him to get back. It does not take long for him to get back from work and after changing his clothes he takes water out of the fridge. My eyes go wide, NO! He has to take the juice or else nothing will happen tonight. I went inside the kitchen and greeted him. “Hi Tunde how was work?” He only grunts his reply. “I made solid and nice egusi stew, should I serve you?” He looks at me for a while before shaking his head yes. I was thrilled, I quickly set about serving his food and place the juice and a cup beside it then I shake it and serve my own food. We both ate in silence and I watch him secretly hoping and praying he drinks the juice. Then finally after he has finished eating he pours the juice and drinks it draining the whole cup. Voila!
I cleared the plates then went inside my room to remove my clothes and let the drug take effect. After a while I slip out of the room to look for him. I found Tunde in the sitting room, with my heart beating so fast in my chest I walked up to him. At first he looks confused as he gazes at me then his eyes go all dark seeing me naked. I maintain eye contact with him and sit on his laps straddling him, then I push my hands under his shirt and caress him. My hands find his nipple, I tweak it, he exhales. I feel him grow hard beneath me as I undulate against him. Then I kiss him. At first he does not respond but then I feel him growing harder and then he is kissing me back and taking control of the kiss. “I never thought I would want to do this now but you are my wife and you have to do your duty”. I nod my head yes. “Let’s take this to your room”. Before I was done talking, he stands up and takes me to his room. The drug must have made him eager because the next thing I know he is removing his shorts and boxers. My eyes go wide and I remember what happened to me in the hands of Jona. This was going to be painful, he is so big I wonder how he will fit. I didn’t know I said that out loud because I here him chuckle and tell me not to worry. Then he is on me. Kissing his way around my body and probing in places only one other person has touched. My mind goes back to that day and I feel myself go tense.

Where is this going?
Watch out for Episode 10

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