Episode 1
She had always dreamed of happily ever after, of the day her prince would sweep her off her feet and she would feel loved and cherished like she had not been all her life. Her prince would be tall, dark, handsome and charming and he would love her till eternity. He was going to cherish her even more when he learnt she was a virgin and her golden hymen was still intact.
Today she had just finished reading a romance novel, happily ever after and so much rose and romance. She sighed as she skipped back inside the house. “where have you been! ” the voice of her father startled her out of her daydream. She quickly tucked away the book she had been reading but it was too late. ” let me see that Sola! ” his voice boomed out again on a normal day when he talked his voice was usually loud now he was angry she was sure they could hear two streets down. She knew better than to say nothing she cautiously moved towards him and gave him the book and quickly skipped back. “How many times have I told you not to read useless stuffs like this. Ashawo girl! You want to turn Ashawo reading stuffs like this eh? Very soon you will bring 2’1 to my house abi?” he moved towards me in a rush and lashed out before I could escape. The hot slap he meant for my face landed on my neck. “Yeeeeeh!” I screamed out in pain. “Foolish girl I will burn this! Now go and get me procold for my cold now!” he threw the money on the floor and stormed out of the sitting room. Wheew! I escaped easily enough.  My siblings that had been hiding came out. “Sorry sister” they both said.
I nodded and picked up the money for the drug and left the house. It was already late, around nine and had only been at the backyard engrossed in my novel and didn’t hear my father call me.  You would think I was a secondary school student but I happen to be in my second year in the University and my father still treated me like a kid. I was sick and tired of this and was only waiting and counting the days until I graduated and could finally leave the house. “Solly baby” one of the nuisances in my area, a guy called me I didn’t answer him and kept walking. “No be you I dey call. You no go answer me abi?” I only walked faster as I didn’t want to take too long and incure  the wrath of my father. Besides it was already dark and I had to pass an incomplete building to get to the chemist. “I dey call you,  you no dey answer me bah? OK na”
I finally sighed in relief when I got to the chemist. “Good evening sister. I want to get procold”. I bought it and returned on my way home. The walk back was even lonelier and I walked at a brisk pace scared of the shadows. I didn’t know it was not  the shadows I should have feared.
Which Shadows should she have feared?

Episode 2 comes your way soon

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