Wishes behind Me

Wishes Behind Me

Patience was the only thing I had before time left me.
Living in spirit, living in fate
It baffles me how life dealt with me
Everything that’s happened was without date

I wish I had time to make things right Even though I was a major minus to the world
But my future always shinned bright And my prayers were to myself and not to God

I wish I fell in love
I always closed my eyes to the beauty of it
Always wanted sex to revolve
All was lust that ended at my feet


I wish I never had a father
Even though I wouldn’t be born
I could just be a child
Who was never born

I wish I never knew pain
There’s no joy in it
Always had to cry in the rain
As I always felt the freeze in my teeth

I wish I never aged
Cos’ death is always the end of life Wars I would have waged
War on lives I can’t create with my life

I wish I never had to write all this at this age
I wish my brain was an archive
Cos’ at this stage
I am a dead woman alive


Omolola Ayoola writes

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